10 Rules to Create a Great Brand Name

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Previously I mentioned that I will be reading up books to learn from the best in the area of trading.

I have put the reading of the ebook on hold for the time being as I started reading up on creating a brand name as I was looking for a some inspirations and rules when choosing a name for branding purposes.

Just share the 10 rules:

Rule 1 – The name must be easy to pronounce.
Rule 2 – The name must be easy to remember.
Rule 3 – The name must be english sounding.
Rule 4 – The name must be short.
Rule 5 – The name must be unique.
Rule 6 – No generic words.
Rule 7 – No acronyms.
Rule 8 – You need two names.
Rule 9 – You must have a dot.com suffix.
Rule 10 – The name must be english neutral.

A very interesting book to read with lots of examples of why some brands like Coca-Cola, Dell and Starbucks could make it and why some could not.

If you want to purchase the hardcopy of the book via amazon, you could click on the link below.

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