Added Suntec REIT to Portfolio

Have added Suntec REIT (T82U.SI)into my portfolio at S$1.595, bringing my total invested amount to S$8,160.00.

Targetting to build up my portfolio of shares on the sector to REITs mainly to collect distributions that were issued by them on a quarterly basis, so that the dividends I collect will be spread throughout the year. These dividends will be part of the passive income that I will be building to attain the financial freedom. Continue reading “Added Suntec REIT to Portfolio”

Guide: What is a REIT?

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is simply a trust company who uses the pool of funds from investors to acquire properties which they will manage, develop and possibly sell. Once the REIT acquired the properties, they will be these properties’ owner and managers will be entrusted to manage these properties. The task of these managers will be to lease out the properties for rental income which will be distributed to the investors. The managers will occasionally renovate the properties, upgrade, tear down and rebuild or sell the properties to increase the income. Continue reading “Guide: What is a REIT?”