Portfolio Update (August 2013)

An update on the dividends received for the month of August.


Cash dividends from Singapore shares for the month of August is as follows:

Stock Code Dividends
Singapore Post Limited S80.SI S$44.98
Starhill Global REIT P40U.SI S$23.80
Suntec REIT T80U.SI S$37.50

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SGX Seeking to Reduce Trading Lot Size

Investor Monkey - SGX LogoThe Singapore Exchange (SGX) is seeking the public views and regulatory approval on reducing the standard board trading lot size from the current 1,000 units to 100 units and eventually to 1 unit, citing that the move will beneift the public as individuals as they will no longer be restricted to investing in lower-priced shares. Many of the index component stocks and blue chips are trading at higher-price, with the component stocks trading at an average of S$8.94 per unit. With the trading lot size at 1,000 units, the investor will have to fock out S$8,940 per lot of component stock they purchase, less any transaction fees. Continue reading “SGX Seeking to Reduce Trading Lot Size”

Applying for CPF Investment Account

investormonkey-cpflogoBack in June 26, I have written a post on using of CPF savings to do some investments so as to beat the CPF interest rates of 2.5% p.a. (based on the interest rates of CPF Ordinary Account) or even better if the returns can beat the CPF Special Account interest rates of 4.0% p.a. Continue reading “Applying for CPF Investment Account”