Article Review – Stop Reading Trading Books

Came across this article on Yahoo! Finance today and since I feel that I find it useful, thought I should just share it with all of you here.

Just to summarize on what the article is all about. The article is written by Lionel Yeo with the title Trading Books: 3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Reading Them. In the post, Lionel had mentioned three points (obviously due to the title of the post) why he feels strongly that why people should stop reading trading books and here are the reasons. Continue reading “Article Review – Stop Reading Trading Books”

Portfolio Update (March 2014)

A quiet month in March. There was no activities in my investment account, apart from the paper profits and loss of my investments. There was also an announcement of advance distribution payout from Suntec REITs (SGX:T80U) for the period from 1st January to 26 March 2014. The distribution of around S$0.021 per unit will be paid on the 17th of April. Continue reading “Portfolio Update (March 2014)”