3 Strategies in Shares Investing

There are various strategies that are employed by investors who try to strike a balance between maximizing their profits from their portfolio and risk they are willing to take. Investment strategies like Value Investing StrategyGrowth Investing Strategy and Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy are set of rules that guides investors in selecting shares to include in their portfolio. Continue reading “3 Strategies in Shares Investing”

Succumb to Changes: UMS Holdings Limited

UMS Holdings LogoUMS Holdings Limited (SGX: 558) is an investment holding company operating in semiconductor and contract equipment manufacturing (CEM). the Group manufactures and sells high precision front-end semiconductor components; and offers electromechanical assembly and final testing services. Continue reading “Succumb to Changes: UMS Holdings Limited”

Portfolio Update (May 2014)

Month of May was kind of exciting for me as there was a major jump in my portfolio. SingPost (SGX: S08) announced that the e-commerce giant Alibaba’s investment of S$312.5 million in SingPost. With the announcement on Wednesday, the price of SingPost jumped by S$0.11 to S$1.645, reaching a high of S$1.75. Continue reading “Portfolio Update (May 2014)”