Portfolio Update (April 2016)

The stock market seems to have recovered from the big drop in January. The two of the three major indices had closed above the close of 2015. Stock prices have climbed higher with more investors entering the market, pushing my portfolio overall PnL into the green zone.

For the month of April, we see that the market seems to be performing better. My portfolio saw all but one company still in the red. Everything looks pretty normal, except for Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT), who plunged 3.71% on the last day of April. Have been trying to find out why the stock price suddenly ‘gap down’ and if it is a cause for concern for our long term investment.


For the month of March, 3 companies from my portfolio paid dividends. They include:

  1. Automatic Data Processing (NASDAQ: ADP) – $5.84

All dividends paid for the month were reinvested.

Total year-to-date (YTD) dividends, as of April 30, is $40.20 or 0.70%, excluding the dividends that were reinvested.

Stock Symbol YTD Dividends
Home Depot, Inc. HD $5.52 0.55%
Johnson & Johnson JNJ $6.75 0.74%
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. ADP $9.02 1.00%
Clorox Co CLX $6.16 0.63%
PepsiCo, Inc. PEP $7.03 0.72%
Abbott Laboratories ABT $5.72 0.58%
Total Dividends $40.20 0.70%

Stock Holdings

Stock Symbol Shares Cost Basis
With Dividends Without Dividends
Home Depot, Inc. HD 8.029 $1,014.19  $1,008.67
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 9.044 $924.43  $917.68
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. ADP 11.027 $910.99  $901.98
Clorox Co CLX 8.034 $977.82  $973.51
PepsiCo, Inc. PEP 10.048 $978.32  $971.29
Abbott Laboratories ABT 22.104 $989.04  $983.32
Total Investment Amount $5,794.79  $5,756.45

Profit & Loss

HD had seen a swing into profit in April as compared to the previous month while ABT plunging 3.71% further into the red on the last day of April.

Stock Symbol Profit/Loss
Home Depot, Inc. HD $61.05 6.02%
Johnson & Johnson JNJ $89.22 9.65%
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. ADP $68.22 7.49%
Clorox Co CLX $28.28 2.89%
PepsiCo, Inc. PEP $56.82 5.81%
Abbott Laboratories ABT $128.75 13.02%
Total Profit/Loss $174.84 3.02%

Portfolio Outlook

The companies in my portfolio looks healthy and are recovering. There is nothing to be worried about for the time.