The 3 Best Resources for Forex Trading

Forex trading is a huge market with many resources, both free and paid, made available to the Forex traders. With so many resources to choose from, what is the best resources that other Forex traders are using?

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TradingView logo | Investor MonkeyCharting program is a very important tool for traders. They tell the traders what is the price action in a glance so that the traders will be able to do their analysis and make their trade decisions faster.

There are many charting programs available online and Forex brokers usually provides advanced charting programs to their clients. One free charting program that stands out from the rest is TradingView.

Those who trades the Forex market would be familiar with this Windows-based application, MetaTrader 4 (MT4). While I agree that MT4 is a great platform, the application can only be installed on a Windows-based computer. Installation of MT4 on Mac can only be done through Wine, a free software that allows Mac users to install Window-based applications.

I use Mac desktop and laptop and not wanting to install Wine on my computers, I can only use charting software that either have a Mac or online version and TradingView’s ability to open your chart analysis at any terminal with any browser makes it even convenient.

The Bottom Line

Above are some of the resources that I use for my Forex trading analysis in helping me to make better decisions during Forex trading. I find them very useful and would love to recommend them to you. So what are the resources that you are using in your Forex trading?

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