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Welcome to Investor Monkey. This is a blog that details on my journey to attaining my financial freedom and to share with all my plans on how I plan to reach my goal.

My Investment Journey

Started my first investment in shares back in 2010, I have tried out a few methods of investments, including shares, contract for differences (CFDs) and forex. Burnt my fingers a few times to learn that not all investments are suitable for me and currently, I’m embarking on a new journey of being an income investor with all the lessons learnt.

Why I Started This Website

Inspired by a few blogs that I saw when I was doing research on making income investments, I have decided to follow them and hopefully, I will become as successful as some of them.

Where To Start

If you are reading this page, I can only assume that this is probably the first time you are reading my website and wanting to know more about me. Thank you for having the interest. As much as I wish I could create a website that is easy for first-time visitors, I do understand that it can be daunting to arrive at a website and there are no signages to where the start point is. Here are some signages to where the various start points.

Every journey, there must be a start point. In this journey, I will share with you on what I am doing to become an income investor, what to look out for and how I learn from others. I will also be sharing the rationale of why I am buying (or selling when there is a need) the shares of the companies I am investing in. To learn more about my journey, please follow the link here.

There are many things we can learn about investing from our everyday lives. People talk about how to invest and why they invest in certain companies. I will share with you the things that I have heard or see and how I think they will be related to being a better investor. You can find these articles here.

Investors need to know about what is happening to the global economy. Without listening to the market sentiments, it will only be investing blindly and you may be the last to know when the companies you invest in closes down tomorrow. I have included a portfolio-related news section here where you can find news about the companies I am invested in.

How You Could Help

It would be tiring at times to feel that I am walking this journey alone. If you are following me, it would be really useful if you could comment on any posts at Investor Monkey or get me a cup of coffee once a while. More importantly, if you think what I have shown you is useful, you can share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn … (well, you know what I mean…). I really hope that what I have shared with you can be useful to those around you.