Guide: How to Check Available CPF Savings for Investment

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Investor Monkey - CPF LogoYou have decided to make the CPF savings work harder for you. To check on how much is available for you to invest using your CPF savings, you could log in to your CPF account via the CPF website.

Once you are in the CPF website, click on the link that says “LOGIN HERE with your SingPass”. The link will bring you to the SingPass login page as shown below.

SingPass login screen

Enter your SingPass ID (usually your NRIC number) and SingPass and click “Submit”.

Once you login to your CPF account, it will show you a summary of your three accounts (OA, SA and MA) and the amount of savings you have in each of the accounts. Click on the “My Statement” link on the left of the screen.

CPF dashboard

After you have clicked on the “My Statement” link, scroll down to “Section C” and it will show you the exact amount that is available for the different products you could invest in.

Summary of amount available for each type of investments

Do note that like the CPF Board’s message to all CPF members, Investor Monkey here would also like to remind all:

No one can guarantee that investments under the CPF Investment Scheme will always be profitable. CPF members have to decide for themselves how to invest their savings, and what risks to accept, and exercise prudence and care in investing their CPF savings to ensure their financial well-being after retirement. If they are not confident of investing on their own, they should leave their money in their CPF account which earns interest and is risk-free.

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