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Investor Monkey LogoJust as a start, since I started this blog after I embarked on my journey, I shall just post my current portfolio as of 20th June 2013. The current portfolio I am holding on is to allow me to start receiving dividends or distributions every quarter such that the annual yield is higher than the interest rates given by banks in Singapore.

Currently, I am holding on to 3,000 shares of Singapore Post Limited (SGX: S08) and 2,000 shares of Starhill Global REIT (SGX: P40U).

Investor Monkey - My Investment Portfolio

Why SingPost?
I made a visit down to the post office on a weekend morning to deliver a parcel. Thinking that the post office should have no customers at the point of time as it is a weekend morning. However, to my horror, the post office branch was crowded, packed with people who are trying to send parcels, collecting parcels and a host of other transaction. In the end, it took me an hour queuing. With the introduction to online shopping, SingPost has been getting more businesses as compared to in the past and this trend will definitely keep SingPost growing. Furthermore, SingPost was already giving out fixed dividends quarterly which was what I had wanted, to look for steady passive income through investments.

Why Starhill Global REIT?
There wasn’t a really compelling reason why I have gotten Starhill Global REIT. REIT to me back then was a tool to earn quarterly passive income through their quarterly distribution which is just like renting out property. Did a quick comparison between three REITs (Starhill Global, Suntec and Sabana) before finally choosing Starhill. Suntec back then was still under upgrading of its Suntec City Mall and thus their income was slightly affected, thus wanted to wait till their upgrading works are completing before adding it to my portfolio. Sabana, on the other hand, was a very tempting REIT for me. They had very high distribution yield at around 7~8%, much higher than Starhill. However, as their portfolio of properties are all in Singapore, and not wanting to put all my ‘eggs’ in the Singapore REIT market, I chose Starhill who has got properties in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Japan.

Well, I just hope that I am on the right track on this journey to financial freedom. Though I can see that the journey is a very long and tedious one, I am starting to see the light at the end of the journey.

I have created a spreadsheet on Google Drive to keep track of my portfolio. The pie chart shows my portfolio distribution of my miserable portfolio. Hope I can quickly increase the number of counters to 10!

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