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After some preparations in sourcing, renovation and packing, Investor Monkey has finally done shifting from it’s “rented apartment” to it’s own “home”.

The process is just so similar to shifting home in real life. After only staying under someone’s roof (Blogger.com) for a few days, I came to realise that it would not be good on the long run since “renting” a place with Blogger with no “rental” charges would mean that I may not have the push factor to continue writing. And since this is a long journey to Financial Freedom, I guess it would be good to own my own “home” to share with all of you.

Why Shift So Suddenly?
It was not really a sudden decision to shift. Right from day one when I started the blog on Blogger, I have already thought of owning my own domain. The name Investor Monkey was chosen as the dot.com suffix was still available, something very important when it comes to creating a brand name (see my previous post here).

The plan initially was to blog a couple of months first, see if I would like to really continue before buying the domain and setting up my own “home”. However, after a few days of blogging and seeing the total pageviews going higher and higher each day, I made the decision to do the painful swop earlier to prevent losing of posts during the shifting, losing viewers and losing the domain.

Hopefully the decision to move home earlier was a correct one and that I will continue to blog for a very long time to come.

Maybe someone is kind enough to buy me a cup of coffee to encourage me to travel further in the journey to financial freedom and that this decision I made today is a correct one.

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