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Finally have some time to sit down to write this post, after settling down from my recent overseas trip. It is already the start of a new year and for many of us, it is time to sit down and look at the past year report card and to decide on what we should be doing in this coming year.

In 2014, I have added another position for my dividend investment portfolio. With the limited resources, I have realised that the number of positions that I can add is like one per year. This is kind of slow and at the rate, I would not be able to achieve my financial freedom even by the time I am in my 50s. There will be a need to change my strategy so that I will be able to increase my position faster.

Some time back in October 2014, I have been experimenting with investing in the United States market. The lower transaction fees and faster price movement for the U.S. market means that there is a potential that I can increase my capital faster, as compared to the Singapore market. In 2015, I will continue with the investments in the U.S. market and realised profits of the year will be channeled to the dividend portfolio annually.

Investment is a double-edged sword. Although the plan was to make use of the profits from the U.S. investment to increase my dividend portfolio faster, there is a chance that the U.S. investment will result in a loss if not invested with care.


Dividends will only be computed based on investments in my dividend portfolio.

As mentioned in my November update, the total dividends that I have received for the year 2014 is S$593.73 or 4.84% of my total invested amount.

Profit and Loss

The profit and loss of my dividend portfolio saw a mix of positives and negatives. Overall, I am still on the positive side.

Stock Code Profit/Loss
Singapore Post Limited S80.SI 85.61%
Starhill Global REIT P40U.SI 17.00%
Suntec REIT T80U.SI 23.26%
GalxoSmithKline GSK 42.57%
Mapletree GCC Tr RW0U.SI 3.97%

The U.S. portfolio did not started off very well with a few hiccups ending up with a realised loss in 2014. However, the open positions still managed to balance out the losses with an overall profit for the portfolio.

Stock Code Realised Profit/Loss Unrealised Profit/Loss
Kroger Co KR 0.34%
Hyatt Hotels Corporation H 5.82%
Saia Inc SAIA 7.90%
Apple Inc. AAPL 3.74%
Xerox Corp XRX 2.50%
Jetblue Airways JBLU  34.78%
Skyworks Solutions Inc SWKS  34.33%
Twitter TWTR  25.22%

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Investor Monkey - Portfolio December 2014

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