Portfolio Update (February 2014)

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During my last post, I was thinking of how can I increase the size of my portfolio. Concluded that I will need to increase the investment amount through investments in other equities, especially those on the US markets.

New Inclusion in Portfolio

GalxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) was included into my portfolio in the month of February. The purchase of the counter was to help to build more capital for my investments and not entirely for dividends collection.

Why GalxoSmithKline?
The health care industry is an industry where even during a financial crisis, people will still have to purchase products and services by companies from this industry. And being one of the leading companies in this industry, GalxoSmithKline had shown that the company’s profit is still healthy.

However, a day after I included GalxoSmithKline into my portfolio, there was articles reported that Warrant Buffet, being considered as the world’s best investor, had excluded GalxoSmithKline from his portfolio (read report here). Not very comforting to hear indeed.

Thought I should continue holding on to it till I made some profits from the buy since I had done my due diligence by doing my own research. After all, Warren Buffett may have some other companies that he would want to invest in and thus sold all the GalxoSmithKline shareholdings he had before the next investment.


February was the month when I first collected my dividends, from all three stocks listed on the SGX.

Stock Code Dividends
Singapore Post Limited S80.SI S$37.50
Starhill Global REIT P40U.SI S$24.60
Suntec REIT T82U.SI S$51.24

Total dividends collected so far for the year 2014 is S$113.34 or 1.1% of my total invested amount.

Gotten GalxoSmithKline just before they Ex-Div on 19th February 2014. The expected date when the dividends will be issued is on 10th April 2014 with an amount of US$28.63. Not too sure how much it would be left after the wire transfer. Sad.

Profit and Loss

Profits and loss for each stock did not change much from the month of January. Looking forward to be able to increase my portfolio again soon.

Stock Code Profit/Loss
Singapore Post Limited S80.SI 27.61%
Starhill Global REIT P40U.SI 19.08%
Suntec REIT T82U.SI 4.44%
GalxoSmithKline GSK 4.32%

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