Portfolio Update (July 2013)

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An update on the dividends received and portfolio change for the month of July.

Cash dividends from Singapore shares for the month of July is as follows:

  • Singapore Post Ltd (SGX: S08) – S$75.00

Total cash dividends collected so far for 2013 is S$130.00 or 1.59%. Will require another S$196.60 from cash dividends to attain the 4% per annum target.

Had also entered 2 lots of Suntec REIT (T82U.SI) at the price of S$1.595 in mid-July, bringing my total invested amount to S$8,165.00 from S$4,975.00.

Portfolio July 2013

With the buying of Suntec REIT, I have increased my REIT portfolio to 62.4% of my total portfolio. Will be diversifying my next investment to another sector so as to spread my risk and not get worried if something happens to one of the sector.

Need to add another 7 other counters before I will start to increase the total invested amount in each counter.

I will probably be looking at either Telco or Multi-Industry sector for my next purchase.

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