Portfolio Update (November 2013)

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Oops… Getting lazier to update this. Can even miss updating the monthly portfolio updates.

The month of November, all the stocks (not a lot, just 3 only… haha) paid out their dividends/distributions for the month of October. Although not a lot, but still it brought me nearer to my goal. “One Small Step for My Portfolio, One Giant Leap for Financial Freedom”.

An update on the dividends received and portfolio profit/loss for the month of November.


Cash dividends distributed in the month of November is as follows:

Stock Code Dividends
Singapore Post Limited S08.SI S$37.50
Starhill Global REIT P40U.SI S$24.20
Suntec REIT T82U.SI S$45.78

Total cash dividends collected so far in 2013 is S$343.76 or 4.23% of my invested sum. Managed to exceed my targeted 4.00% per annum dividends. The dividend collections for the year 2013 has all been collected.

Unless one of my portfolio stocks decided to give a bonus, else the dividend yield would be at 4.21%. Hope I will be able to include another stock into my portfolio in 2014 so that I can slowly increase the yield to 5.00%.


Suntec REIT (SGX:T82U) went back into the red zone while the Starhill Global REIT (SGX:P40U) continued to slide further into the red.

Stock Code Profit/Loss
Singapore Post Limited S08.SI 23.96%
Starhill Global REIT P40U.SI 19.35%
Suntec REIT T82U.SI 3.08%

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