Portfolio Update (November 2014)

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Year end is just right at the corner… Literally. As we stepped into December, it is time for us to take a step back, look at our investments and conclude on the performance of our investment and to decide on the strategies for the upcoming year.

This month, I have received a total of S$172.70 in dividends from SingPost, Starhill Global, Suntec and Mapletree GCC Trust.

Stock Code Dividend (November)
Singapore Post Limited S80.SI $37.50
Starhill Global REIT P40U.SI $25.40
Suntec REIT T80U.SI $46.56
GalxoSmithKline GSK
Mapletree GCC Tr RW0U.SI $63.24

Total distributions in 2014 received till November is at S$593.73 or 4.84% of the total investments made. As I would not be expecting any more dividend distributions in December, I will be concluding this year with S$593.73 dividend received.

Looking back at a year before, in December 2013, where the total dividends received is at S$343.76, my dividends received is S$249.97 or 72.7% more than last year.

Profit and Loss

Profit and loss of my portfolio still looks pretty healthy with mixture of stocks in the green and red.

Stock Code Profit/Loss
Singapore Post Limited S80.SI 86.57%
Starhill Global REIT P40U.SI 15.96%
Suntec REIT T80U.SI 23.57%
GalxoSmithKline GSK 37.59%
Mapletree GCC Tr RW0U.SI 7.80%

Investment Portfolio

Investor Monkey - Investment Portfolio November 2014

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