Added Suntec REIT to Portfolio

Have added Suntec REIT (T82U.SI)into my portfolio at S$1.595, bringing my total invested amount to S$8,160.00.

Targetting to build up my portfolio of shares on the sector to REITs mainly to collect distributions that were issued by them on a quarterly basis, so that the dividends I collect will be spread throughout the year. These dividends will be part of the passive income that I will be building to attain the financial freedom. Continue reading “Added Suntec REIT to Portfolio”

Glossary: Gearing

When computing how much debt a company is taking on as compared to its equity, the debt equity ratio is usually used. Debt equity ratio is the total mortgage taken by the company divided by the equity price of the company at the point where the ratio is calculated. These computations are useful for the REIT although the usual REIT measurement is the gearing ratio. The ratio is also known as Debt-to-Asset Ratio

Gearing – A fundamental analysis ratio of a company’s level of long-term debt compared to its equity capital.

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